Access thousands of in-market, model specific, car buyers with dianomi’s unrivalled network of premium automotive publishers.

Connecting dealerships with customers at different stages of the buying funnel, we are able to generate high quality, telephone verified leads that convert into sales.

Since 2003 dianomi has generated thousands of new customers for a broad range of automotive brands like Land Rover, Jaguar, Peugeot, Lexus, Nissan and for blue chip financial clients like J.P. Morgan, Fidelity & Hargreaves Lansdown through our finance advertising channel.

With over £1.5 billion of business generated for our clients you have never been in better company to find new customers.

A selection of our publishing partners:

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Why dianomi™?


Our leads are in-market car buyers.


No set-up costs or work on your side. Simply follow up the leads that we send you.


We guarantee clean data from real prospects. If any lead does not meet this requirement you can return it to us free of charge.


55% of our sales buy new cars.


45% of our sales buy used cars.